Being among the leaders of digital innovation in the cement industry, we are harnessing the power of digital solutions to transform our business end-to-end, from supplier to customer, with an agile and entrepreneurial approach.


With signature digital solutions tailored to the needs of the cement industry, we are creating the “smart cement plant of the future” to ensure ultimate efficiency and delivery of high-quality products and services, with an eye on the present and future needs of our customers.

Smart cement plant 1

Real Time Optimizers (RTO) in the cement plant

One of the first AI solutions to be used in cement production, the RTO solution integrates sensors in equipment across our plants that record huge volumes of operational data. The ‘big data’ is then transmitted, organized, studied and utilized for the real-time optimization of production using Artificial Intelligence. Real-time optimization has already resulted in significant benefits for production, such as minimizing energy consumption, reducing CO2 emissions and improving productivity.

Smart cement plant 2

Spare parts Inventory Optimization

An advanced analytical methodology tailored to the specifics of the cement industry, used to identify the optimum inventory management policy for spare parts in the cement plants.

Leveraging the wealth of data on all the movements of the spare parts in the cement plant, from procuring to consuming, and through developing advanced statistical algorithms and multivariate simulations, the methodology provides the optimum inventory replenishment policy at spare part SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) level that minimizes the total cost of the component.

Smart cement plant 3

ΑΙ based predictive maintenance

Our new generation AI-based predictive maintenance solution takes an innovative approach in the global cement sector, as it applies an end-to-end failure prediction algorithm that uses all the sensors of a plant simultaneously instead of focusing on individual assets. This AI approach monitors the entire plant for anomalies and seeks to be one step ahead of possible problems by preventing unplanned failures. The state-of-the-art solution maximizes the operational efficiency and reliability of the plant to world-class performance, benefiting from lower repair and maintenance costs and reduced downtime.

TITAN Cement Group launched a new company CemAI to deliver this next generation AI maintenance solution to the cement industry.


We are harnessing new digital tools, like big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning
and advanced analytics, to optimize our own operations and bring significant benefits to
our customers, employees, suppliers, communities and the environment

Improved product quality

Better customer experience

Improved productivity

Better decision making

Improved operational efficiency

Reduced operational costs

Advanced supply chain capabilities

Improved safety

Dynamic workplace

Reduced energy consumption

Supporting our parallel journey to a net zero world, contributing to reduced carbon footprint and improved energy efficiency arrow


We are building an ecosystem of digital innovation by continuously investing in digital upskilling and partnering with a new breed of external collaborators. From academia to start-ups, we work all together to push the boundaries of digitalization and create a smarter and more sustainable built environment.

The future of prescriptive plant maintenance

CemAI is a TITAN Cement Group’s company that provides the next-generation predictive maintenance solution based on Artificial Intelligence for the cement industry.


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